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10 Movie Facts You Were Probably Not Aware Of

These 10 movie facts may surprise you

We all know that every movie has some quirky fact from production to on-screen.
Below are facts from some of the most loved films of all time.

1. VARIOUS FILMS – Quentin Tarantino has a signature ‘trunk shot’ in almost all of his films


2. DEADPOOL – Ryan Reynolds twitted on April Fool’s day 2015 that the movie will be PG-13. This prompted a fan backlash as the lead character is shown swearing frequently and commits act of graphic violence. Later that day Ryan confirmed that previous tweet was a prank and the movie would be R-rated.


3. SPOTLIGHT – The real Walter Robinson said on Michael Keaton “It is like watching yourself in a mirror, yet having no control of the mirror image.” He also said: “My persona has been hijacked. If Michael Keaton robbed a bank, the police would quickly have me in handcuffs”


4. THE LORD OF THE RINGS – Viggo Mortensen only replaced actor Stuart Townsend in the role of Aragorn after his son begged him to.


5. MEET THE FOCKERS – The MPAA did not greenlight the use of the name until an actual person with the name Focker was presented to them by the film-makers.


6. THE KING’S SPEECH – A Brit plays an American (Eve Best), an Australian plays a Brit (Guy Pierce), and an American plays an Australian (Jennifer Ehle).


7. 101 DALMATIONS – 230 Dalmatian puppies and 20 adult Dalmatians were used during filming of the movie.


8. BABE – 30 different piglets were used during filming because they were all outgrowing their role too quickly for production.


9. TITANIC – Production of the movie was more expensive than building the Titanic ship!


10. JURASSIC PARK – The dinosaur noises in the movie were recordings of tortoise sex.





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