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Microsoft Files Suit Against US Government

Microsoft Joins other tech companies in their battle against unlawful use of user data by government. New legislation in the works.

The Fourth Amendment, which protects from unlawful search and seizure, is being overlooked, with government preventing Microsoft from notifying users of requests for email and documents.

Microsoft aren’t the only ones having to supply sensitive data to government unwillingly. Apple, Ebay, Github and others, all battle to keep user’s data private.

The Electronics Communication Privacy Act (ECPA), gives government the right to access files stored in the cloud, although legislation is from the days of Raegan.

Cloud Data Breached
Cloud Data Breached

Legislation intended to solve this privacy issue is on the cards, but it is not uncommon for these types of bills to be debated over and over in the past decade, before failing to actually vote on them, and updating the ECPA.

The 30-year-old law that enables such practice – conceived before the dawn of the internet – is going to have to go through some changes in order to be of reasonable value to all parties.

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