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Meet The LG Rolly Keyboard 2

Just months after revealing the Rolly Keyboard with 4 rows of keys, LG introduce a new model, this time with 5 rows of keys.

Revealed back in September, the Rolly Keyboard gave us 4 rows of keys, and now looks obsolete thanks to a new model rolling out.

The LG Rolly Keyboard 2 “rolls” five rows of keys for a better experience for the user, without sacrificing the overall size of the keyboard.

lg rolly keyboard 2
Rolly Keyboard 2 / LG

The peripheral connects via Bluetooth to your various iOS, Android and Windows devices. It houses a built-in dock for tablets and smartphones and has physical buttons similar to a laptop. Magnets inside the keyboard keep it folded, while a single AAA battery can have it run for 3 months It is expected to retail for around $120.

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