Converting 2D To 3D CGI Cartoons Can Get Scary

Various studios and designers took it upon themselves to create 3D versions of beloved cartoon characters. 2D to 3D. Here we go!

Are some cartoons better left alone in their 2D world? That is for you to decide.

2D to 3D can get weird at times. A number of different designers decided to create 3D versions of some of our favorite 2D characters and the results are somewhat unusual, to say the least.

Let’s have a look at these transformations

Krumm by Jared Krichevsky

krumm 2d to 3d

Link by Kyle Hefley

link 2d to 3d

Mario and Luigi by soojong kim

mario luigi 2d to 3d

Nappa by carson yuen

nappa 2d to 3d


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