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Zombieland 2 May Begin Filming In The Summer

After a venturing into TV with a dismally received Amazon pilot of Zombieland, producers are thinking of making a film sequel.

The original film, staring Woody Harleson, Emma Stone and Jessie Eisenberg, was well received when it released in 2009. Now Zombieland 2 is rumored to begin filming as early as August.

Zombieland’s commercial and critical success always suggested that Zombieland 2 could be in the works. Cinemablend reported a sequel was on the table as early as 2014.

After the pilot for the TV series by Amazon was badly received, Sony Pictures are looking to shoot the sequel as early as possible after it has been in production hell for a very long time. Bloody Disgusting noticed that casting sites are calling for actors to fill roles for the project. Does this mean the original cast will be replaced? We can’t know for sure yet.

zombieland 2
Zombieland / Amazon

If the movie does feature different actors, perhaps the safest bet is go for a new setting, like how AMC have done with Fear The Walking Dead to considerable success.

Obviously, the success of the original is going to be a hard thing to replicate, and as soon as we have more details on the project we will be able to anticipate the direction it is heading in.

In the meantime, start memorizing the Colombus’ Zombieland Rules, as we head closer to a return to the zombie apocalypse. #1 – Cardio. I think it’s time I head for a run.

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