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Ramsay May Have An Heir From Pregnant Sansa – Or Not

Possible SPOILERS for season 6 of Game of Thrones. A theory coming from Redditor snowyday gives us some food for thought on events that took place in the latest episode – The Door.

Sansa could actually be pregnant, if these thoughts on the latest episode are to come to life, so to speak.

Redditor snowyday’s reasoning is –

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sansa this week.

  • New dress
  • Appetite problems with the Watch’s food.
  • She tells Littlefinger that she can “still feel right now” what Ramsay did to her.

Sansa is pregnant!

sansa pregnant
Should Sansa be worried about a baby? / HBO

A little too simple for my liking, but anything is possible. In the books, Sansa and Ramsay never even meet, so deviating this far from that plot could be a little problematic for show-runners. Having said that, they already strayed off course with many other characters, and Sansa carrying Ramsay’s unborn child would add drama to an already overly dramatic plot.

In any case, I hear there used to be a sweet adopting agency beyond the wall. Craster Inc. or something similar. Perhaps someone should reignite that torch and help Sansa, if bad turns to ‘oh shit’ for her.

I’ll give this theory a 5/10 in our poo-meter. Maybe after Episode 6 – Blood of My Blood we’ll re-visit this rumor.

sansa pregnant


What do you think? Sansa pregnant is a thing? Share in the comments.


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