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Clark Gregg Defends Writer For Captain America Twist

SPOILERS for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (2016). Fans of one of the most popular Marvel superheroes were shocked to find out that Captain America may be Hydra agent. Actor Clark Gregg defends writer Nick Spencer choosing this route.

Writer Nick Spencer and editor Tom Brevoort are responsible for one of the most shocking twists in comic book history. According to the latest issue, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, it appears that the captain has been an agent of Hydra since he was just a child. Clark Gregg wasn’t all worked up about it.

captain america hydra
Captain America – A Hydra Agent / Marvel Comics

To make things even clearer for readers Spencer explained to EW that –

“This is not a clone, not an impostor, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.”

Previous writer Rick Remender had things planned a different way. Hydra would have infiltrated government, select institutions and, of course, Superhero groups to plant seeds for a future revolution. However, when Spencer took over he decided that all it would take would be to have “one very valuable plant”.

captain america hydra
Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer further explained –

“So I started asking, who’s the worst person it could possibly be? It was really obvious straight away that there’s nobody who could do more damage and nobody that could be a more valuable Hydra plant than Steve Rogers. That was really the genesis. It sprang pretty organically from story ideas that were already on the table.”

Reception for the shocking plot twist was not full of accepting fans, to say the least. Some went as far as voicing their displeasure in the form of ludicrous death threats over social media.

Clark Gregg, who plays agent Phil Coulson in the popular Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and happens to be a big fan of the captain both in real life and in the Marvel universe voiced his opinion on Twitter, to a thankful Spencer

Creators of the original Captain America, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were Jewish, and some may say that is what caused the uproar among fans. After all, Hydra is directly associated with the Nazis. However, isn’t it ironic that the people making these death threats, are behaving in the most “Un-American” way?

I digress. The most important thing to remember, is that the Cap had it a lot worse before. We will never forget this, will we?

What do you think? Does Spencer deserve a chance to flesh out this story?

Let us know in the comments!

Written by James Lebeau

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