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Update: Winds of Winter Release Date Imminent and Arya and Jon Romance?

Possible Spoilers Ahead! News of the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire Saga comes via online reports. A release date could be very close for The Winds of Winter. Arya and Jon Romance teased.

A report by Independent suggests that an unlikely romance is bound to take place in the novel. There will, of course, be more deaths of favorite characters, but the real point of interest will be a romance between half-siblings Jon Snow and Arya Stark. Tyrion Lannister will also be a love interest in the triangle, after he supposedly switches alliances to house Stark, and tries to gain the affection of Arya.

This will leave Jon and Arya tormented with their affection for each other, until the imminent reveal of Jon Snow’s true parents takes place. We didn’t get the nod on who they could be just yet, neither in the books or on the show.


The R+L=J theory is the most widely spread theory regarding the parents of Jon, but we must not forget this tweet from GRRM (or was it an imposter? probably), that has since been taken down, and could imply whoever it was, was just messing with us poor fans –

jon and arya

We actually posted an article on the possibility of Robert being Jon’s father. You can read it here.

Will we see a tragic ending to this story, similar to Romeo and Juliet, or will there be a happy ending after all? First, we have to see if there is any truth to these rumors, so we’ll let time do its thing.

I, for one, don’t buy the Jon and Arya romance for a second. Does not make much sense at all. Leave the creepiness for the Lannisters.

The Winds of Winter could be finished and a release date imminent

The Winds of Winter is long overdue. Even GRRM will attest to that.

Luckily, reports suggest the book may already be finished, and a release not far off. GameNGuide report that the book could see the light of day by January 2017.

In the meantime, George has been nice enough to let fans have a taste of some free chapters for The Winds of Winter.

Are you excited for the new book? Think the Jon & Arya romance makes sense? And who are Jon’s parents? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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