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Deadpool’s DeadPool Board Names All Figured Out

If you watched Deadpool, you probably remember that the mercenary bar Deadpool frequents, sports a DeadPool board with names of various persons on the mercenary hit-list. We went ahead and figured them all out.

The list includes movie stars, musicians, politicians and other celebrities. Here’s the dead pool board from the movie –

deadpool board


And here is the list of full names:

Bill Cosby – Actor
Charlie Sheen – Actor
Ned Beatty – Actor
Kanye West – Singer
Wade Wilson – Deadpool
Vladmir Putin – President of Russia
Judd Nelson – Actor
John Wilkes Boothe – Abraham Lincoln’s assassin
Lindsay Lohan – Actress
Miley Cyrus – Singer
Kid Rock – Musician
Mike Tyson – Boxer
Lil Wayne – Rapper
Shia LeBeouf – Actor
Ozzy Osbourne – Musician
Amanda Bynes – Actress

The film’s star, Ryan Reynolds is also on the board, as well as co-star TJ Miller and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, and is now available on DigitalHD and Blu-ray.

Who would you add to the hit-list/DeadPool? Share in the comments!

Written by Ethan Hall

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