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9 ’90s Toys Now Worth a Fortune

one-armed owl Beanie Baby‘90s: The decade before the internet truly came into collective consciousness. A decade where, seemingly once a year without fail, there was a toy craze that demanded that we buy the latest new craze in the hopes that they’d reach high prices. One year it was Furbys. The next it was Beanie Babies. Needless to say, we have found some of the more expensive (and occasionally ludicrously expensive) toys from the ‘90s. Now if only you’d held on to that Princess Diana beanie baby.

1. Original Furby

Let’s get it out of the way first. The creepiest toy of the ‘90s was a… well, we have no idea what a Furby is supposed to be. Owl head? Nightmare bird? Regardless of what you thought of it, they were (however briefly) a commercial hit. And an original 1998 Furby can now be valued over $400. Not bad for a… whatever it is.

2. Linux for PS2

Pretty much every cool kid in the ‘90s had a Playstation 2, the system-du-jour for discerning kiddies whose parents could pony up the money. If you’d happened to be on the technical bent as a kid, you may have picked up Linux (an operating system for PCs) for your PS2 so that you could tinker and code. Apparently very few copies were made. If you’d held onto that copy of the disc, it could be worth a cool $10,000.

 3. Girl Talk Original Game

Hey, girl. Your original Girl Talk board game is now worth over $140. Which is at least a monthly cell phone payment or two. If Brandon hasn’t called you by now he probably never will. Let it go, girl. If he loves you back he’ll call you. You gotta move on.

4. Original Tamagotchi

You could keep your Tamagotchi alive for months through regular play, exercise, and feedings, which would in turn teach you a valuable lesson about responsibility. Or you could repeatedly kill the digital pet because it had a million lives and, let’s be real, it was kind of fun to mash the buttons until something bad happened. Does PETA cover Tamagotchis?

5. Original Tickle Me Elmo

The original Tickle Me Elmo doll from 1996 is now $250. Not a bad price for hanging on to a dubious red fuzzball for nearly 20 years.

6. Gold Gameboy

Pretty much every kid wanted a Gameboy. They were excellent for long car rides, trips, or sneaking a game of Super Mario Land under the covers when you were supposed to be sleeping. This gold version was made for a select few Nintendo Power magazine subscribers and now fetches $2,000.

7. Rare Color Nintendo 64

Your Nintendo 64 was pretty great, but if you happened to have one of the special limited edition colored N64s it was even better. Super rare Dr. Pepper colored N64s are on eBay, but for our money this “smoke” colored one takes us all the way back to the ‘90s when we all seemed to think it was a good idea to see inside our electronics.

8. Princess Diana Memorial Beanie Baby

Arguably the most famous Beanie Baby out there, the Princess Diana memorial bear regularly fetches prices of $100,000 at auction. As to why people are spending a year’s tuition at an Ivy league college on a stuffed bear is anyone’s guess. Some are listing the bear for $400,000. Others for the much more realistic price of $47. Ty (the company that made the beanies) won’t take sides, saying it’s more about what people are willing to pay. Either way, this infamously priced BB could be worth a lot of money.

9. “Hoot” Beanie Baby

Chances are if you found a one-armed owl on the side of the road, you’d probably call it Floppy and move on with your life. But this person embraced a one-armed owl Beanie Baby and is turning it into $450,000. That’s right. This factory defect is selling for more than some houses.


Source: 9 ’90s Toys Now Worth a Fortune | eBay


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