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Samsung Granted Patent On Smart Contact Lenses

After applying for a patent back in 2014 for Smart Contact Lenses, Samsung has now been granted the patent in South Korea.

Will the near future look like a scene from ‘Minority Report’ or ‘The Terminator’?

Samsung has had a patent granted for contact lenses with a built in camera, that projects straight into the wearer’s eyes, and is controlled by blinking. Embedded antennas then beam this content to an external processing device.

Patent diagrams for Samsung’s smart contact lenses. IMAGE: SAMSUNG/KOREA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT SERVICE (KIPRIS)

Such a device is aimed at generating better augmented reality experiences than the current available options like Google’s wearable – Google Glass.

A contact lens device would not hamper the user or block parts of his vision like glasses, therefore allowing a more controlled AR environment.

You may have guessed already, but Samsung are not the only ones in the smart contact lens business. Google received patents for similar contacts in the US back in 2014.

Don’t get too excited though, as more often than not, companies file for patents without planning any development or launch in the near future, or ever.

However, our guess is that we will definitely see this story evolve in the not too distant future. Would be pretty interesting right?

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