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Watch: New Drone-Helicopter ‘Volocopter’ Hybrid Takes Flight

A new drone-helicopter hybrid be E-Volo, named the Volocopter has been certified and the company has posted a video of the machine.

Is the drone-copter hybrid by E-Volo the future of aviation? It very well could be.

On Tuesday, the company announced a successful manned flight featuring managing director Alexander Zosel (in the video below)

The hybrid chopper-drone uses 18 separate rotors to ascend, and is maneuvered by traditional joystick and altitude controls. Zosel said the vehicle is capable of staying in place when not piloting it – a feature we are familiar with with normal-sized drones.

Another feature that is common in current drones – Automatic Landing / Return To Home – is also present in the Volocopter.

E-Volo claims that their next objective is to produce a large mass of the manned air hybrids, and introduce it to the fields of sports and public transportation.

A view from inside the Volocopter.

With improved designs, and further penetration into the consumer market, we may see these types of electronic air vehicles begin to replace gas powered helicopters sooner rather than later. This will be in line with the latest rise in popularity that electric car market is experiencing during the last few years.

Do you see yourself taking an air-taxi anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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