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Future MacBook Could Employ A Touchscreen Keyboard

Apple filed for a patent named ‘Zero Travel’, supposedly housing a flat surface keyboard.

Will future MacBooks ditch the physical keyboard?

If the newly discovered patent spreads its wings in the next few years, that may be the case. It is still a patent, and as we mention in every patent article, don’t expect it to land in consumers hands anytime soon, but it still holds great potential for future iterations of the MacBook keyboard.

For starters, it could help in designing slimmer machines. In addition, You could install apps like Swiftkey for better personal customization. Furthermore, you could have a custom-sized trackpad, and even use the surface as a second screen for photo editing.

The keyboard uses haptic feedback to give the user a better feel when typing, similar to that of current smartphones and tablets.

In the photo below you can see four distinct surfaces, each potentially serving a different purpose according to user preference.

Potential future MacBook keyboard, ‘Zero Travel’ patent. Apple

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