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John Oliver Gives His Informed Take On ‘Panama Papers’

It took a while, but you didn’t really think Last Week Tonight won’t tackle the subject of the ‘Panama Papers’, did you?

Last Week Tonight finally covers the panama papers

The Panama Papers story broke out last week, but it was only sensible that it would take quite some research and editing before it was introduced as a topic on Last Week Tonight. The funny Brit, took the subject of over 11 million documents from Mossack Fonseca’s database leak, head on in this week’s show.

“They’re either angry at the PM, or encouraging him to get on the paleo diet” Oliver says, after showing a short clip from outside Iceland’s parliament, to much audience applause.

Nevertheless, Edward Snowden’s view may be a little different.

“It seems in Iceland, the line of succession goes PM, the guy in charge of the fish, the secretary of licorice flavored schnapps, a litany of elves who live in assorted boulders, and anyone in a warm sweater who is feeling political. And if you’re thinking, ‘C’mon, how could he forget Bjork?’ I didn’t. She was one of the elves. Pay attention, pay attention” Oliver said.

“And it wasn’t just the leader of Iceland in trouble. The president of Argentina, and Ukraine and the King of Saudi Arabia, among several others, were directly linked, while UK Prime Minister David Cameron was accused by critics of benefiting from his father’s newly-revealed investment fund, that he vigorously denied.” Yet, there’s always more to the story.

What about Oliver’s hometown prime minister you might ask. Oliver touched on that subject as well, of course. Cameron was quick to deny owning any shares in off-shore assets, but you know there is more than meets the eye. As evidence shows, he clearly did own shares, but sold them way before this story broke loose. Oliver is not the greatest supporter of Cameron as his next quote points “It’s a bit like A-Rod saying, ‘I have no steroids in my body!’ Which is true now, but it wasn’t always the case, was it?”.

Check out the segment on the Last Week Tonight YouTube Channel and give us your take on this ever evolving story in the comments.


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