Only Woman On FBI “10 Most Wanted” List Caught

Brenda Delgado, placed high on the FBI most wanted list, who allegedly plotted the death of a romantic rival, has been captured in Mexico.

The 9th woman in history on the FBI most wanted list has been captured in Mexico, after her alleged involvement in the murder of former boyfriend’s girlfriend.

After six months, the FBI confirms the capture of the “worlds’ most wanted woman”. Brenda Delgado is accused of orchestrating the murder of a Dallas dentist, who was dating Brenda’s former boyfriend.

Delgado fled to Mexico after finding that her accomplices killed the woman, Kendra Hatcher, said the authorities.

She was taken into custody on Friday, April 8, in Torreón.

“She was just waiting for the right opportunity, and the right people to carry it out”, Sources from the FBI said.

Cartel Ties

She allegedly used her ties in the cartel, to help promise her two accomplices supply of drugs and money if they carried out the murder of Hatcher.

“The only thing that I want is Delgado back and her to serve justice,” Bonnie Hatcher, the victim’s mother, told the FBI. “That is the only thing that I think about.”

Possible Life In Prison

Mexico is opposed to the death sentence, so Dallas authorities will seek a sentence of life in prison instead.

“We’re trying to get her extradited back here,” Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk said.
“In order for us to do that, one of the conditions was the death penalty had to be off the table. She’s still charged with capital murder, which carries a life sentence.”


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