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Android N Developer Preview 2 Features

Google released the new developer preview 2.0 last weekend, and gave a sneak peak to features in Android N (7.0).

Android N developer preview 2 teases new features in the upcoming mobile OS by Google.

A peak into the next Android operating system, the Android N (7.0), reveals two segments suggesting Google are focusing on virtual reality, dubbed VR Listener and VR Helper.

Android N on Nexus 9
Android N on Nexus 9

No info has been revealed suggesting what allowing VR mode could entail for apps, but an article from February in the Wall Street Journal hinted that Google are readying themselves for increased involvement in the VR market, with a new VR wearable to follow, after testing the market with their own Cardboard VR

Cardboard VR
Cardboard VR / Google

As previously reported, the next iteration of Android will also include support for pressure sensitive screens, similar to the way Apple are doing with their 3D Touch, as well as the long awaited feature of Freeform window mode, which enables the user to re-size apps and view them simultaneously on screen.

The official reveal of the new OS and other Google products is expected at Google I/O May 18-20, 2016.


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