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Photographer Pastes Dogs’ Noses With Peanut Butter

Greg Murray, a professional photographer, from Cleveland, Ohio, has captured photos of over 50 canines, intrigued by the effects of peanut butter.

So you’re quietly waiting for a photo shoot, when all of a sudden peanut butter is rubbed all over your nose. We all know the feeling.

Greg Murray, photographer, inspired by his little Bailey, decided to engage in a photo-shoot that later turned into a book – “For The Love Of Peanut Butter”.

As around 50 dogs marched in, they all got the peanut treatment, while Greg and everyone involved were amused by the silly reactions of man’s best friends.

Word of caution: you need to remember that despite their love for peanut butter, the pasty treat must be enjoyed in moderation, and that the dog, just like us humans, is not allergic to nuts.

Now let’s let the photos do the talking – All photos courtesy of Greg Murray.

You can reserve you copy of ‘For the Love of Peanut Butter: A Photo Book’ on Kickstarter

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