Peter Blake Bentley

Austin Powers Would Approve This Bentley

A new Bentley was commissioned to Sir Peter Blake, to create unique design, which will be auctioned for charity.

The colorful Bentley will head to the Bonhams auction block at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 24. The proceeds will be donated to the Care2Save Charitable Trust, which provides hospice care around the world.

Bentley by Blake: a unique Continental GT V8 S Convertible by Sir Peter Blake

Peter Blake, the knighted artist, is best-known for designing the sleeve for The Beatles’ iconic Sgt. Pepper’sLonely Hearts Club Band album, is the designer behind this Bentley.

The body colors, including British Racing Green and Fuchsia pink, are representative of the cause for which the car was created to benefit.

Peter Blake Bentley 2
Bentley by Blake: a unique Continental GT V8 S Convertible by Sir Peter Blake: hood detail: interior / Bentley Motors

The primary body color, St. Luke’s Blue, for example, is a custom color introduced by Sir Peter, named in homage to Bentley’s local St. Luke’s Cheshire Hospice. 

“The same colors are echoed on the sports steering wheel, featuring a Hotspur outer rim, Newmarket Tan inner rim and Cumbrian Green centre, with Imperial Blue stitching,” reads the Bentley press release. “The vivid pink leather gear lever stands out against the centre console, dashboard and interior door panels, all veneered by Bentley’s craftspeople in Piano Black.”

Peter Blake Bentley 3
Bentley by Blake: a unique Continental GT V8 S Convertible by Sir Peter Blake / Bentley Motors

Reinforcing the importance of such initiatives to palliative and hospice care support, Andrea Fragata Ladeira, CEO of Care2Save, says:
“Bentley has supported its local hospice every year since it opened 28 years ago. In turn, the hospice has given love, support and comfort to hundreds of people and their loved ones who are connected to Bentley. It is this excellent care which needs much-needed funds on a wider scale, seeing hospice and palliative care across the UK and globally benefit. The end of someone’s life should bring dignity, love and comfort both to the person who is dying and all those who care about them. We hope that this amazing car will deliver a lasting legacy of care. Without the dedication of Bentley colleagues, none of this would be possible.”

I don’t know if I would drive this car, but it certainly has a certain appeal if you don’t mind people’s eyes popping out of their sockets as you drive it around.

In any case, we probably won’t see it on the streets, but in someone’s garage full of exotic and colorful vehicles.

Would you consider buying such a design (if you had the funds)?

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