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Spotify Matches Your Game of Thrones Character

A new feature on Spotify lets you match your Game of Thrones character, and creates a playlist for you.

Spotify is enjoying Game of Thrones frenzy. The Music giant now has a feature that allows users to match their respectable character from the show, by choosing a list of artists that they like.

After Matching your Game of Thrones character by choosing from different artists on Spotify, you can then follow the Character’s unique playlist, that is supposed to feature artists that match your own style.

I got Jon Snow. I hope not to meet his fate too (Or do I?)

game of thrones / Spotify
Jon Snow / Spotify

On Jon’s playlist you can find such artists as American alternative rock band Ok Go, British rock gods Muse and Arctic Monkeys among others.

Jon Snow Playlist / Spotify
Jon Snow Playlist / Spotify

If you don’t like who you got, you can click Game of Thrones under “created by” to see every character’s playlists.

It’s similar to what the music giant did when ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ premiered in December. Depending on whether you liked, metal, 80’s, classical music or others, you were matched with different characters from the film.

Which character are you? Click here to find out here.

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