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Live Cases Allow Own Case Design For Nexus Phones

The new service supports Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones.

Google has just introduced a new series of customizable phone cases for its Nexus lineup called Live Cases.

Live Cases were first introduced back in May 2015, but there were a very limited number of them available at launch. These new cases are more affordable, more customizable and are available for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Places Live Cases
Places Live Case / Google

Google offer two styles for their lineup of Live Cases. Places and Photos.

Places Live Case allow you to use Google’s own Maps service to search for the map you want to use, and once chosen, can be applied to the backside of your phone’s case.

You can choose whether to use terrain, water or textured views, while there is also the option of a matte or glossy finish

The Places Live Case comes with a live wallpaper that shows device’s current location throughout the day in the same style as your phone case. Not bad!

Google Live Cases 1
Photos Live Case / Google

Another method of customization is the Photos Live Case. Once selected, any of your photos can be customized with different filters to your liking your photo, you can customize it with different colors and filters to your liking. A live wallpaper is present here too, but shows a slideshow of your favorite photos instead of a map.

Both styles of Live Cases come with a hidden, customizable button on the back. This button basically serves as another shortcut button to launch any app, be it native, camera, or a webpage.

Live Cases
Live Cases Programmable Button / Google

The cases come at $35 a piece, and are available in the links highlighted in the article.

I must admit that I will seriously consider purchasing one of these for my Nexus 6P.

Do you plan to buy the latest cases from Google? Have anything to add? Share your thoughts in the comments


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