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Watch: The Thor Prank – If Spider-Man and Thor were Roomies

Spiderman is having a rough day. Witness the Thor Prank.

Ever wondered what it would be like if Thor decided to pull pranks with his hammer, Mjölnir?

Anyone familiar with the comic book character, knows that only those who are “worthy” are able to pick up the hammer. That includes only a handful of beings. Spider-Man is not one of them apparently.

thor prank
Thor / Marvel Entertainment

User Thund3rbolt posted a video showing how a day in Spider-Man’s life would look if he shacked up with Thor. By the looks of things, it ain’t the easiest having the Norse God as your room-mate.

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We have to hand it to Spider-Man though – he does find creative solutions to Thor’s shenanigans.

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How would you handle Thor as a roomie? Let us know in the comments!


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