Wintergatan - Marble Machine
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Watch: Wintergatan – Marble Machine Is A Work Of Musical Engineering Art

Wintergatan – Marble Machine is a work of art. The band used some awesome engineering skills for their latest project and music video.

Wintergatan, “The Milky Way” in English, is a Swedish band, who Between December 2014 and March 2016, uploaded several YouTube videos featuring Martin Molin documenting the construction of a music box which used marbles to play instruments.

The Wintergatan machine is powered by hand, and works by raising steel marbles through the machine into multiple feeder tubes, where they are then released from height via programmable release gates, falling and striking an instrument below. All the instruments are played by striking them, and include a vibraphone, bass guitar, cymbal, and emulated kick drum and snare drum sounds using contact microphones.

Martin operates the Marble Machine / Wintergatan

The following video is the end product of the ambitious product. The title of the track is Marble Machine, because, well, the video features the marble machine the band constructed.

This has to be one of the most creative musical projects we have seen in a while, and raises nostalgia by reminding us of’s videos from the 90’s.

We hope to see more of this kind of work from Wintergatan and others in the future. Enjoy!

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