Sky Magic Drone by MicroAd

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Amazing Drone Light Show By Sky Magic

Japanese Sky Magic creates choreographed light show with drones. The backdrop is Mount Fuji.

Shibuya, Japan based MicroAd, is launching a new product they call Sky Magic. It consists of choreographed drone performances, and they uploaded a video showcasing the dancing drones.

A group of Shamisen players strummed their instruments to the iconic backdrop of Fuji mountain. At the same time, 20 drones equipped with 16,500 LEDs danced to the music, creating aerial designs reminiscent of grand firework shows by Sky Magic.

creative director Tsuyoshi Takashiro. “I wanted to bring a new type of magic to the sky using drones.”

sky magic
Ballet of Light / Sky Magic by MicroAd

“Three years ago if someone told you that cameras would soon be flying through the sky, most would not have believed them,” he says. “So I’d like to say this again: soon monitors will be flying through the sky.” Takashiro told Spoon-Tamago.

Interesting times ahead when it comes to drones. We have manned drones, commercial and e-commerce drones, space drones, army drones, and now dancing light drones.

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