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Leicester City Triumph – A Fairytale For The Ages

Leicester won. No one was convinced. Won again. Same response. And again, and again. In the end, they are masters of the greatest Cinderella story in English football.

The story of Leicester City’s season cannot be fully described in words. It is without any doubt one of the greatest Achievements in sport. Ever.

It is 21 years since any team other than Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City or Manchester United won the top-flight title. Leicester has finally broke the top 4 spell.

5000 to 1. Those were the odds on Leicester winning the Premier League title. You would say only a madman would bet on such an unlikely scenario. Now, we all know there is no shortage of madmen around to have a go at such a ridiculous bet, but so far we heard of no one that actually did. Not even Leicester city fans!

Jamie Vardy. The prolific striker was awarded the Writer’s Player of The Year.

As an avid supporter of the Premier League, I followed the teams progress throughout the season, and like everyone else, fully believed that it was just a matter of time before they slipped. If we’re honest, we all thought the same. We had good reason to. A team that finished in the bottom half has never managed to clinch the title, let alone a team that has never even won it before.

To put things into even more context, manager Claudio Ranieri’s last position was Greece head coach. He only managed four games, before being sacked after a humiliating loss to Faroe Islands in Euro 2016 Qualification.

Quite the Fox. Claudio Ranieri

Who would have imagined, that less than two years later, he would be in charge of the greatest Cinderella story in football history.

When Ranieri was asked about his team’s goal for next season this was his response:

“No. Next season we have to fight for 10th position,” said the Italian. “We have to make sure we are safe then we look to something more.”

“When I came here the objective was to create a solid foundation and build together,” Ranieri told Sky Sports. “This season is out of our project but our foundations are very solid and we want to do our best.

And on his plans for keeping the squad that brought him the trophy –

“We don’t want to sell anybody. If some player doesn’t want to stay with us, I don’t want unhappy people. We are looking to add to the team but with the same mentality. Who comes must know we are working hard.”

This kind of mentality was undoubtedly instrumental in the Foxes’ charge to the title, but still leaves us in pure awe. The odds were 5000 to 1. We don’t expect to live to see anything resembling what this team did. The story will be dissected and researched to no end. I even have a friend that insisted that when he retires he intends to write an academic paper that may somehow explain how Leicester’s campaign ended in triumph.

I would really love to see them have a go both in the Champions League, and again in the Premier League. If they manage to keep their best players, and add to them for depth, who knows what the future holds for the East Midlands club.

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