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25 Hours In HTC Vive Sets New VR World Record

Filmmaker Derek Westerman decided to spend an entire day in VR, setting an official Guinness World Record for most time playing a game in VR.

Derek Westerman decided to find out if it is possible to spend an entire day in VR. Apparently it is, and he has now broken a VR Guinness World Record.

He also brought over a team of producers to follow the VR event as it happened. The team had a monitor that displayed everything the filmmaker was doing inside the virtual world.

The Hardware
HTC VIVE. The headset is HTC’s venture into the VR space, after the launch of the Oculus Rift (Facebook) in March.

The Game
Tilt Brush. Not exactly a game, but more an app. Derek had to remain engaged in moving through space and painting throughout the day, all while wearing a suit and tie.

Obviously, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. He had to urinate into a bucket on the 6th hour. Later, on hour 17, he had to let go of the pizza he was fed, by vomiting into the same bucket. 

Derek Westerman’s lunch break / Super Deluxe

Once Westerman realized that the key to ensuring the time didn’t drag horrifically was to engage his creativity, Tilt Brush may well have been a very smart choice after all. He may have to work on his artistic skills though. However, who are we to judge? We are not the ones who spent an entire day inside a painting app.

“There is definitely a difference between my life before and after spending days in Virtual Reality.  I was marked by it. And now, in an exciting way, everything feels slightly superficial or unreal.” said Westerman.

The video was revealed on Wednesday, May 4th, but Guinness listed the record as being achieved on April 7th. Who will be the next masochist to attempt to break the record and how long will the record be? It’s anyone’s guess, but we have a feeling it won’t take to long before we find out.

In general, gaming marathons are not the healthiest way o spend your time, so if you ever think of breaking the record, keep in mind that it is a risky business.

Super Deluxe’s video of the process –

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