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How Jon Snow May Change

Jon Snow is back. We analyze how the character may change now that he returns from the netherworld.

Spoilers OBVIOUSLY! We all knew Jon Snow will return. In what shape or role is yet to be confirmed. We’re here to give a few theories a push from what we have learned so far.

George R.R. Martin himself tells us that Jon will not be the same and a transformation is in effect.

“I do think that if you’re bringing a character back, that a character has gone through death, that’s a trans-formative experience. My characters who come back from death are worse for wear. In some ways, they’re not even the same characters anymore. The body may be moving, but some aspect of the spirit is changed or transformed, and they’ve lost something.”

What could this transformation be?

No more Emo Jon

jon snow
Sometimes everything is just the worst – Jon Snow / HBO

Black garments, Crows, Nights Watch. All so dark isn’t it? Now, we’re not saying Mr. Snow will take on attire fit for Saul Goodman, but a change in appearance is way overdue for the bastard from winterfell. What better excuse to get rid of your awful wardrobe than being resurrected by a god? And those locks? They may have to go too. Will we see Jon get a clean cut? Perhaps. Maybe it is all just wishful thinking. Our bet is ponytail! Jon Snow – From Bastard to Badass!

jon snow
Ponytail Jon?

Mister ‘Nice Guy’ has left the building

You know the saying ‘All’s well that ends well’. Well, In Jon’s case, even a miraculous resurrection isn’t going to make the guy ecstatic about being alive. He was betrayed by some of his closest confidants after all. From now on, Lord Commander probably isn’t going to be as forgiving as he used to be. Maybe he even has some executions, just like father Ned, lined up for some of the mischievous men of the watch. I know what I would do :P. Yes Olly, I’m looking at you.

jon snow
More of this, please / HBO

Another psycho bastard bites the dust

We love Ramsay, we do. Ever since Joffrey left a hole in our heart we urged for some good old fashioned sadistic, vile, obnoxious, traitorous, psycopathic – you get the picture – villain. Ramsay sure does fill that hole, and then some (we know what she said). Sadly, even mournfully, we will have to say our goodbyes to RamRam soon – just a theory mind you. When his and Jon’s paths cross it certainly has to be the end for House Bolton. Luckily, a new maniac arises in the form of Euron Greyjoy. Never a lack of evil twats in Gameofthronesland!

jon snow
Psycho Timeline / HBO

Reunited with Sansa

We really wonder how this scenario will pan out. Sansa is probably done with princes, but will she take matters into her own hands and join her half-brother in the fight against evil. Time will tell. She is our favorite to jab the knife/sword, or whatever into Ramsay’s cold heart. It could be Jon of course who does the deed in Game of Thrones’ Bastard Bowl –

jon snow
Bastard Bowl – Snow vs Snow

Jonny Mc’Boresnow?

Nahh. Don’t see his character becoming any less interesting than before, if not more so. His naiveté was tough on our senses at different points during previous seasons. Now, we expect him to turn into some sort of bad-ass. Someone has to follow in the footsteps of older brother Robb at some point. This should be it. Lift the Stark banner high and proud I say!

jon snow
You talkin’ to me? / HBO

Let the Jon Snow theories come forth and the debating commence!


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