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Game of Thrones – Oathbreaker Review

Not as fast paced as ‘Home’, ‘Oathbreaker’ still give us a lot of food for thought in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones.

[Spoilers] for Episode 3 – Oathbreaker – Season 6 of Game of Thrones!

Keep reading after you’ve watched Oathbreaker, or if you just don’t care about spoilers.

At the Night’s Watch – Jon Returns and earns God status

Pitch black ; short breaths; Ser Davos shivers. The first scene explains itself before we see how it pans out. The Nights Watch will soon know of Jon’s resurrection. Davos, Melisandre and Ghost are now present as Jon gets up, shaking off the deep sleep he was in just moments ago.

Shocked but pleased – Ser Davos / HBO

After Jon tells Melisandre that while dead he saw “Nothing”, Snow exits into the Watch courtyard to the amazement of his fellow Watchmen, who now think he is a God. Tormund jabs one at Jon, saying he couldn’t be a god, since “no god has such a small pecker”. Not cool Tormund – we all know what happens to peckers in sub-zero temperatures – probably even more so if you’re dead.

Jon even gets slightly comical as he tells Eddison Tollet to “hold of on burning my body”. Who is this new Jon Snow??

We will get back to Castle Black later in the review.

Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down The Stream of Vomit

Sam is back in episode three. Mostly puking into a bucket, but other things happened as well. Gilly was there too, with baby Sam. We find them on a ship to the Citadel in Old Town. But first, charming protective Sam is taking Gilly to his family. She will of course have to stay with them, because women are not allowed at the Citadel. A shame Sam, you had a good thing going there. Still sure you want to become a maester? Alright then, whatever makes you happy.

Epic Fight At Tower of Joy and Time Travel

This is the second week in a row that we use Bran as our poster boy for our recap of the latest episode of Game of Thrones – Oathbreaker. It is no coincidence, as his storyline, while maybe not the most enthralling on its own, does shed light on some important details. These details were presented much earlier in the books, but show runners decided it is best left for much later. Now we get a glimpse into his warging abilities, and it proves to be a step in the right direction in terms of story telling. But enough about that.

Dual sword wielding is the new Sexy - Ser Arthur Dayne / HBO
Dual sword wielding is the new Sexy – Ser Arthur Dayne / HBO

This time Bran is back in the past with father Ned, facing possibly the best swordsman that ever lived. In the red mountains of Dorne, Ned faces off with the last loyalists of the Targaryen empire, looking to set his sister Lyanna free. Ser Arthur Dayne, known as the Sword of the Morninggives us a fight worthy of the best in the series so far. It starts 6 against 2 in Ned’s favor. But the sword of the morning did not build up a reputation by accident. His unique dual wielding style sees him make easy work of Stark’s men, and we have a one on one soon enough. Just as we think the battle is won in favor of Ser Arthur, Howland Reed stabs the swords-master in the back/throat and Lord Eddard goes to find his sister. Bran didn’t seem to approve of this method of killing. He heard the story differently as a child, thinking his father won fair and square. A hit to his Stark ego for sure.

An interesting thing happens then. Bran shouts to his father. Ned then turns as if he heard him, before moving forward again.

Going too far – Bran / HBO

The Three Eyed Raven, then has to force Bran out of his Warg state (again). Much to learn for the young man. Will he doom himself by going too far? and does this mean the past can be changed?? Let’s just hope it doesn’t ruin things in the way of Lost, or any other story that tackles time travel.

Dothraki or Targaryen

Despite being adamant on being the Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, True heir to the Iron Throne etc. (if I had a dime for every time she recited her credentials). ‘Dothrakland’ doesn’t really care for all that. You were married to The Great Khal, it stays that way forever. Kind of like being married to a terrorist leader I imagine. Daenerys is supposed to now be held on trial for not immediately returning to spend the rest of her life with other widowed Dothraki women, but this is not a girl who will be subdued so easily. Not again. I expect Dragon Drogon, named after the late great Khal Drogo himself, to come and save the day.

Not another Exodus – Daenerys / HBO

Varys The Menace

Nobody wants to play - Tyrion / HBO
Nobody wants to play – Tyrion / HBO

When you have money and ears everywhere, you tend to get the information you need. Varys lives by it. Back in Meereen, he finds one of the usurpers of Queen Dany, and uses his influence to get the information he sought. The financiers of the big revolt in Meereen are Masters from Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis. He brings this information to Tyrion , just after Tyrion tries (and fails) to engage in a playful drinking game with Grey Worm and Missandei. Will there be another war across the Narrow Sea? In Tyrion’s words “Possibly”. Not ruling it out is as good as confirming this is happening as far as I’m concerned.

Varys and Missandei / HBO

Little Birds Are So Cute – And They love Treats!

Qyburn, the same fella that brought us FrankenMountain, is following in Varys’ footsteps. He too, understands that little eyes and ears everywhere are the best way of retrieving information. What better way to earn their trust than give them some candied plums from Dorne as treats! Works like a charm everytime. Expect Queen Cersei to utilize this information for the good of mankind. Or maybe to kill as many naysayers as Mountainly possible.

Qyburn and his 'Little Birds' / HBO
Qyburn and his ‘Little Birds’ / HBO

Olenna just doesn’t give a S%#$

Always fun to have two of the most hot-headed women on the show going at each other. Cersei seems to still view herself as the queen. Olenna certainly doesn’t approve (and neither do I). When Cersei barges in to a Small Council meeting, Along with brother Jaime and The Zombie Mountain, where Kevan Lannister is meeting with Grand Maester Pycelle, Mace Tyrell, and the Queen of Thorns.

“You’re not the queen because you’re not married to the king,” she tells Cersei, as if speaking to a child. “Though I realize that gets confusing in your family.”

Ziiiiinngg. Gotta love Olenna and her wit.

Council members in attendance, Olenna included, decide its best not to give the wannabe queen the attention she craves and just get up and leave. You show her, Olenna!

Nobody likes Cersei / HBO
Nobody likes Cersei / HBO

We then skip to Tommen, trying to convince the High Sparrow to allow his mother to see her daughter’s fresh burial ground. However, it seems as though the appointed Septon has a way of knowing how to strum Tommen’s heart strings, as the king seems to warm up to the old man. Then some more words of wisdom sink in, and it looks like High Sparrow has Little Tommen all wrapped up. He’s not becoming Joffrey after all, or so it seems. Either way, his days on the Iron throne are probably numbered. He’s lasted more than most thought already.

Next week should see Margaery get some time on screen. We’ll have to see if her mother uses her wits to get her and her brother out of this one.

I Can Seeeee

Arya continues her faceless training. She gives an entire recollection of her life story, including the names of her family and their murderers. Nevertheless, she has officially accepted being ‘No one’. In the final sequence of this scene she drinks the water that should bring her sight back. She succeeds. If she hadn’t she would have died right there and then, as we learned last season.

Sees once more – Arya / HBO

I don’t think this is the end of Arya. Eventually I do expect her to avenge her family and friends. It may take a while for her to ditch the faceless, but she will get there. Only a theory of course.

Ramsay Has A New Shiny Card Up His Sleeve

Just when you thought Ramsay Bolton is well and truly screwed, fortune shines his way. Karma is definitely a weird bitch. As the inglorious bastard tries to persuade Lord Umber to join him, and Lord Karstark, in reclaiming the north for house Bolton, the best thing he could hope for happens. Lord Umber give him an amazing present – another Stark child. Poor Rickon. We almost forgot about you, but this wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if this sort of thing didn’t happen.

At the beginning Ramsay is skeptic if it is indeed a Stark standing in front of him. It doesn’t take long to convince him. Shaggydog, Rickon’s dire-wolf, is the latest in a line of dire-wolves meeting a dire fate (pun intended!), his decapitated head thrown on a table for good measure :(. We can’t (and don’t) even want to begin to imagine how Ramsay is planning to use this to his advantage. Not so hopeful for Rickon if I’m honest.

Stark on a platter – Ramsay / HBO

Execution Time

As ‘Home’ ended, I couldn’t help but feel that Jon is going to exact revenge on the traitors who stabbed him as soon as he could. That is why I was not surprised to see the murderers, strapped to their respective noose, as Jon lets them say their last words. Interesting that Alliser Thorne (in the behind) was convinced he was right to the end. Just a moment later, we see the most irritating face on TV. Thankfully he stays quiet until his untimely death by hanging with a swift swing of Jon’s sword. Good riddance.

Your day has come, Olly / HBO

A little bit of the Stark genes (If indeed he is a Stark) bursting out after Jon’s resurrection then. No more mercy. Ned would have been proud.

Righteous rage – Jon ‘The Executioner’ Snow / HBO

The last thing Jon says in Oathbreaker – “My watch has ended” – is a fitting end to a good episode. A sign of things to come. Will he miss his reunion when Sansa gets to Castle Black? Will he be there for the fight against Ramsay?

Should be an entirely different story from here on out, if we are to base our theories on Oathbreaker. Who is the oathbreaker of this episode? Could the Oathbreaker be more than one person? Jon Snow immediately springs to mind after breaking the Night’s Watch Oath, though not entirely, since death kind of gave him an out.

What’s your take on Oathbreaker? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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