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A Guy Taught Alexa To Summon His Tesla

We have seen people use apps to command their Teslas, but what about your voice? Amazon’s Echo with Alexa voice command is the answer.

Jason Goecke, in a “weekend project”, managed to get his Tesla Model S summoned by Amazon’s Echo with Alexa voice commands.

He used an unofficial API to get it working, as Tesla have not released an official one yet.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone that Goecke named his car KITT, after ’80s cult classic TV series Knight Rider, where David Hasselhoff is the proud owner of a talking car that goes by the same name.

KITT / Knight Rider

The process is as follows:

“Ask KITT to pull out of the garage,” – The Model S slowly rolls out of the garage.

Alexa responds, “I will now pull your Tesla out of the garage; keep an eye on it.”

Goecke admits that security could be a problem. You would need voice bio-metrics in order to make sure no one takes control of your car whenever they pleased, simply by linking it to Alexa.

You can get your hands on your own echo from Amazon and go wild with Alexa.

What do you think about Goecke’s weekend project? Let us know in the comments.



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