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Robert Baratheon’s Long Lost Children

[MAJOR SPOILERS] ahead! Do not read if spoilers are not your cup of tea, or you have not watched the first three episodes of season 6 of Game of Thrones. Baratheon holds the key.

We wrote about how the R+L=J theory, Now turned to R+L=J+M widely discussed, could work. Now we’re here to rebuke it. Well, not completely. R+L=J still stands, but instead of Rhaegar Targaryen+Lyanna=Jon, we have Robert Baratheon+Lyanna=Jon.

Let me explain. As people who watched Oathbreaker already know, Ned is on his way to enter the Tower of Joy in Dorne, for a great reveal fans have been waiting for, for ages. The more widely accepted theory is that Ned is protecting his sister, Lyanna, by taking in Jon, because he is afraid that Robert would murder a son of a Targaryen. But what if Jon is not a Targaryen, but rather a Baratheon? 


Think about it. He certainly look the part. His dark curly hair sits well with being a Baratheon. Much more than a Targaryen. We’ve all seen Targaryens. Long, straight, almost platinum colored hair. Could Jon’s appearance really be so different? I don’t buy it. I also think Baratheon makes more sense for the overall plot. The red woman was pushing a Baratheon to rule the Iron throne. It was just the wrong Baratheon. This means her choice was only partially incorrect. She, herself mentions that the Lord of Light only showed her “Snow” in one of her visions after adding that “Stannis does not need to beg this lord or that lord for support. The Lord of Light stands behind him.

Who’s your Daddy? Rhaegar v Robert – Jon Snow / HBO

What can I say. She got her Baratheon wrong! So now, aside from having a twin, Jon also has another brother in Gendry. This should make things a lot more interesting once Dany finally decides to show up west of The Narrow Sea.

What do you think? Does this theory make sense to you?

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