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Watch: Civilization VI Announced – New Trailer

Civilization VI, the latest in Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy games for the PC, has been announced.

Aproximately six years after Civilization V and two after Civilization: Beyond Earth, comes a new game in the franchise – Civilization VI.

Lead designers behind Civilization V’s major expansions, Gods and Kings and Brave New World, Civilization VI will bring new mechanics to city building, quite different to what series veterans have been used to. Instead of stacking your city with various enhancements, each city will be split to several districts. Each of these districts will be unique, depending on different terrain, resources, and overall land that the city will spread out on.

Wonders, districts, and markets also take up their own tiles on the world map.

Firaxis wants these new mechanics to enable players to have very different experiences in each and every play-through.

Ed Beach, director of Civ VI explains that this creates a more refined take on the classic Civilization formula.

“We want to stop players from falling into patterns,” he says. “We want players to build their empires differently every time.”

“We’re adding these levels of distinction to the way you settle the world,” Beach adds. “Each time you settle your first city, start producing food, gold, culture, science, and everything vital to growth, we want it to feel different. We want you to consider your military differently. We want to encourage new approaches. We want it to feel like a new experience each time.”

Beach says there are many more features the team has been working on: support units that buff military battalions; a more varied and self-contained multiplayer; a diplomacy system that lets you learn other leaders, adapt to their behavior, and enact policies with them, or against them.

But by changing the way cities begin, grow, and sometimes fall, Firaxis hopes to make the Civilization formula less predictable than it could sometimes be in earlier series entries. The active research system gives you even more options.

Beach and his team’s efforts in innovating the formula will be intriguing.
October 21, 2016’s release will see the franchise take another step in refining the series formula.

You can pre-purchase the Standard Edition $59.99, and the Deluxe Edition $79, on Steam.

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