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Check Out Hyundai’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit

Hyundai posted some information and photos of an ‘Iron Man’-like wearable robot that they are working on.

The news came Wednesday in Hyundai’s blog.

The exoskeleton doesn’t quite look like Stark’s suit, but Marvel’s superhero is clearly an inspiration. 

There are several references to Tony Stark and his suit in the blog post. The wearable robot is designed to give solutions in various scenarios. For example, the company believes it can increase productivity, while lowering chances of injury at the same time.

The exoskeleton will give mere humans the ability to lift hundreds of kilograms.

Another version of the suit is also developed to help paraplegics, the elderly, and otherwise handicapped to be more mobile. This version weighs approximately 50kg (110 lbs), and Hyundai promise that “wearable robot development of the Hyundai Motor Group will eventually lead to the free movement of people and things”.

No date on when this reaches the consumer market has been stated.

Reality is becoming closer to Tony Stark’s vision as time goes by, and the wearable robot could be a big sign of things to come in the near future.

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