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Ghost Rider, Blade, Moon Knight Could Get Netflix Treatment

Another Netflix rumor coming from Latino Review and MovieCreedLive. Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Blade could be on the cards as new Marvel shows on the network.

After very favorable reviews for Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Netflix aim to capitalize on its Rated R series. Three new series have already been confirmed by Marvel and Netflix – Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Punisher. The Punisher was given the green light after the character’s very well received portrayal on season 2 of Daredevil.


ghost rider
Wesley Snipes as Blade / New Line Cinemas & Marvel

Blade fits perfectly with previous Marvel – Netflix projects. A street character that has a very successful comics history behind him. There hasn’t been an entry in the comics in over a decade though, so it’s still going to require some serious thought before bringing the popular vampire back on screen.

Moon Night

ghost rider
Moon Knight / Marvel Comics

Moon Knight has great potential as well. The split personality of the character can take the show in many interesting directions. The character should also work better in episodic content, Just like in Daredevil and Jessica Jones’ case. We need a full series to understand what makes him tick.

Ghost Rider

ghost rider
Ghost Rider / Marvel Comics

2007’s Ghost Rider film did quite well at the box office, but both it, and its sequel, were not well received by fans, to say the least. Again, like other cases, episodic content can really drive the character forward, and give us a story that is linked much more to that of the comic books.

Netflix and Marvel have already showed us that they are perfecting the dark tone of different characters and their world. We can only hope that they maintain a certain level of engagement and story telling as we delve further into the MCU.

Do you think Netflix and Marvel have what it takes to pull these off? Let us know in the comments.


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