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Civil War 2 issue #1 Features Devastating Reveals

It seems like the comic book industry is smack in the middle of re-birthing and renewing franchises. DC launched Rebirth and a new logo, and Marvel are in with some new stories themselves. Last week saw Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 released to confused fans with a huge twist, and today we get another Cap story. Civil War 2 is also full of surprises.

Full spoilers for Marvel’s Civil War II #1 ahead!

civil war 2
Civil War II / Marvel

After The Avengers, X-Men and Inhumans take down a Celestial Destructor, we find that a new Inhuman by the name of Ulysses aided them with the power to predict the future.

Captain Marvel decides to continue to use the new mutant’s gift of foresight to stop threats before they come to be (ala Minority Report). Tony Stark, acknowledging that the power was used to great effect against the Destructor, refuses to utilize it against anyone before they commit a crime.

civil war 2
Ulysses is introduced / Marvel Comics

When Ulysses’ vision of Thanos sees him attacking Earth in search of the Cosmic Cube, Carol (Captain Marvel), assembles the Ultimates to intercept Thanos. Unfortunately, the battle that ensues is not without tragedy. James Rhodes aka War Machine succumbs to a lethal blow from the Supervillain.

civil war 2
Thanos and War Machine – A killing blow / Marvel Comics

She-Hulk is also left in critical condition following a misfired rocket by the now deceased superhero. War Machine.

Rhodes was one of Tony Stark’s best friends, so you can imagine that he wasn’t all filled with joy with the news of his passing. It got even worse when Iron Man finds that War Machine was only on the mission due to a Ulysses vision. Carol explains that Rhodey was a soldier on a mission, but both know that given their romantic involvement, there wasn’t much of a chance of War Machine backing out. Carol still fully supports preemptive justice.

Just when you think it can’t get worse, She-Hulk tells Carol to keep fighting, but She-Hulk can no longer help as those were her last words, before her final dying breath.

civil war 2
She Hulk and Captain Marvel / Marvel Comics

Killing two popular superheroes in the first issue is indeed a shocker, and will have Marvel fans even more fractured after last week.

What did you think of the first issue? Was it too much to take? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Ethan Hall

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