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Game of Throne’s Game of Death – The Broken Man – Who Dies Next?

Possible Spoilers up to Season 6 Episode 7 of Game of Thrones, The Broken Man. The following is based on the HBO series only, and not on the books.

We are gathered here today to review the possibility of characters present in the next episode, The Broken Man, to survive yet another day.

Last week’s episode was an odd one. Aside from killing those who are already dead i.e. White Walkers (by Benjen Stark), not even a minor living character died. Add that to zero nudity, and you really have a case for the most family friendly episode in the entire series, excluding some swearing here and there.

We shall base our bets on the characters in the photos released by HBO only, prior to Sunday’s episode.

Cersei Lannister

A Broken Man
Her days are probably numbered – Cersei Lannister / HBO

Considering the lengths she went to become the lands most dreaded b**ch, we’re certainly not sure of her surviving another season. However, with the next episode in mind, it doesn’t seem likely her trial by combat will take place, and if that doesn’t happen, she should be safe until further notice.

She may meet her end another way though. There’s the Valonqar prophecy which may see her murdered by a loved one. Still, it is not likely those events will transpire until later in the series.

Death Bet: 3/10

Sansa Stark, Jon Snow and Ser Davos

A Broken Man
Sansa, Jon and Ser Davos – Too busy to die / HBO

All three are engaged in planning the war to come with the infamous bastard at Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton. It seems highly unlikely that either will succumb to death at the wrong end of a sword, blunt object or magic. We can already assume that a Battle of the Bastards will take place in two episodes time. Mainly because the name of episode 9 is, after all, The Battle of The Bastards.

This leads me to believe that, for now, all three are unlikely to meet their end in The Broken Man. If I had to pick Ser Davos is probably least safe, due to his lapse in significance to the end game.

Death Bet – Jon: 0/10 (He just died.. :\ )

Death Bet – Sansa: 1/10

Death Bet – Davos: 3/10


Margaery Tyrell

A Broken Man
Dancing with the Devil? Margaery Tyrell / HBO

She played her cards right with the High Sparrow, and looks to be on the safe side of things. Having both The Crown and The Faith at her side, could pose difficult in the longer term when she eventually has to pick one side over the other. Aside from Cersei and the other Lannisters, other supporters of The Crown will surely have issues with Margaery being behind their king’s transformation. Tommen doesn’t feature in any of the photos or the teaser for the episode, so I assume he also lives to see another day. As for Margaery she’s probably also safe. For now..

Death Bet: 2/10

Arya Stark

A Broken Man
Shouldn’t be so worried – Arya Stark / HBO

This is when things get interesting. We’ve had Stark plot lines built and elaborated upon by show-runners and GRRM alike, only to come back and slap us across the face with a big F$%k you, and a ringing reminder that Game of Thrones is not your typical tale.

The Waif is supposedly after Arya, who she never believed is “no one”. With that in mind, that’s exactly what could bring forward Waif’s downfall. When speaking with Jaqen, after Arya’s supposed failure, she says “As I expected” to which Jaqen replies, “A shame. A girl had so many talents.” Now, maybe you noticed that the Waif refers to herself as “I” and not “A girl”, so Jaqen could have been referring to her and not Arya. Being vengeful is frowned upon in the Many Faced Temple, and referring to yourself as “I” instead of no one is a slip-up you can’t afford. Either way, Arya probably isn’t sticking around anyway, so if we do witness a face-off between the two it’s highly unlikely to take place in The Broken Man.

Death Bet: 1/10

Jaime Lannister

A Broken Man
Having Bronn at your side doesn’t hurt – Jaime Lannister / HBO

Jaime is on a spiraling road to hell, if he keeps backing his sister/lover. Always on the front lines, surely he can’t survive much longer. His current cause is also one that will see citizens of the Seven Kingdoms despise the Lannister house even more. The houses aiding the Lannisters in the charge on The Blackfish at Riverrun are backstabbing, child raping maniacs, with agendas similar to real world dictators. Having Bronn at his side should help in staying alive, but of all major characters, he should be the most worried that this time, it will not be just a hand that he loses.

Death Bet: 6/10

Ser Brynden Tully aka The Blackfish

Hoping not to make a short cameo - Ser Bryndan Tully, The Blackfish / HBO
Hoping not to make a short cameo – Ser Brynden Tully, The Blackfish / HBO

A character that hasn’t been around for a while, The Blackfish will face a standoff with Jaime and his forces sooner rather than later. Currently occupying Riverrun, he faces a tough task holding back Jaime and ally Walder Frey, who was promised Riverrun if he manages to help the Crown capture it. Blackfish certainly isn’t going down without a fight, but considering we expect at least one major villain to die in episode 9, the odds are stacked against him to win this one. You can’t have viewers too cheerful.

Death Bet: 8/10

What about you? who do you think is mostly likely to meet their untimely end in The Broken Man? Could it be someone we haven’t mentioned?

Let us know in The Broken Man poll and in the comments.

Written by Ethan Hall

I watch. I read. I game. I write.

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