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Watch: Official Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

After the trailer leaked yesterday on Twitter, and later removed, Ubisoft now revealed the official Watch Dogs 2 trailer in all its glory.

Watch Dogs 2 revolves around a new protagonist, using an updated version of ctOS – ctOS 2.0. The game takes place in San Francisco this time around, and features a lively Bay Area environment. Protagonist Marcus Holloway, is a kid raised in Oakland, but his tech knowledge would see him more at home in Silicon Valley.

Official Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

Hot on the huge success of USA Network’s Mr. Robot, the ‘hacker’ theme could prove wildly popular by the time the game releases.

Aiden Pearce, protagonist of the first Watch Dogs, was an anti-social figure, caring about not much more than his family. Holloway is almost 180 version of him. He is part of a hacker group called DeadSec (not unlike Mr. Robot).

The game’s lead writer, Lucien Soulban, describes Marcus as charming and socially impactful, which we can clearly see indicated in the official trailer for Watch Dogs 2.

The parkour elements, that are a hallmark of many Ubisoft franchises, is back in this installment as well, and looks more fluid than ever. The environment looks much more lively too, hopefully having learned much from the team at Rockstar in designing a more believable world. The first game felt to linear and one dimensional at times.

Release date is expected at E3, which takes place June 14-16. We will update as soon as more news on Watch Dogs 2 is available.

What do you make of the trailer? Anything special caught your eye? Share in the comments!



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