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Chewbacca Mom Goes Capitalist – Charges For Chewbacca Mom Autographs

The Facebook viral sensation that is Chewbacca Mom just hopped on her own money train, by charging for Chewbacca Mom autographs.

If you live on this earth, you may have noticed Candace Payne, now widely known as Chewbacca Mom – the one who put on a Chewbacca Star Wars mask in a Kohl’s parking lot, and rambled on before laughing hysterically.

The video itself became incredibly viral, now at over 150 million views for the original. Last time we reported on the viral sensation, she had reeled in almost $500,000 in gifts, and weirdly, also scholarships for her entire family at a local college.

Chewbacca Mom Featured on The Late  Late Show with James Corden

Apparently, she’s not about to just let these 15 minutes of fame pass her by without milking the most of the situation. At the recent Dallas Fan Expo, TMZ reports suggest that Chewbacca Mom charged $20 a pop for autographs. Some of the proceeds go to charity, but that means that she gets whatever leftovers there are.

Can’t say I fault her too much. If people are going to pay for an autograph, that’s for them to decide. As for Candace, she’s just enjoying whatever time she’s got left in the limelight. Come to think of it, maybe Disney will offer her a movie deal, and all these $20 will seem redundant at the end of the day. Nothing is impossible these days.

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