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Chewbacca Mom Hasbro Action Figure Is Real

Chewbacca Mom is here to stay. For now.

Candace Payne, more widely referred to as Chewbacca Mom, is not giving up her 15 minutes. An action figure in her likeness, courtesy of Hasbro, is now real.

Payne’s visit to Hasbro headquarters, after being invited by the toy giant, saw her presented with a one of a kind Chewbacca Mom Hasbro action figure. From the neck down, the figure is characteristically Chewbacca, Bowcaster and all. However, the head is modeled after Payne, and comes with a removable Chewbacca mask.


Clearly enjoying being etched in history with this action figure, she took to Facebook Live to describe what she had just gone through –

“So the weekend after this happened, I was able to go to the Facebook headquarters, and meet an incredible and integral part of this story and this journey, and I feel like today, right now, this moment, is a second divine moment that’s happening. So, I want you, if you know how to use Emoji’s, all of you out there in Facebook¬†live world, I want you to do the handclap for these amazing people that develop stuff that your kids have…thrown at you and played with.”


Gallery of the Chewbacca Mom Hasbro action figure unveiling below – Click thumbnails to enlarge.

When it all started a few weeks ago, I doubt she envisioned herself getting her own action figure. Additionally, we must not forget to mention all the other things that have come her way since that Facebook Live video.

Will this story die out any time soon? We’re doubtful.

Have something to add? Would you buy one of these if it were available? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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