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Nymeria To The Rescue

Spoilers for Game of thrones and book series A Song of Ice and Fire ahead! One of two direwolves left on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Nymeria is almost forgotten on the show, with her last sighting way back in season 1.

It is a bit of a shame to leave a character, if you can call her one (of course you can), that has so much to offer, if the books are anything to go by.

Recapping her role on HBO’s Game of Thrones

In season 1, after each of the Stark children were handed their own pet Direwolf, the theme of death is set straight from the get-go. Nymeria, trying to defend Arya and her friend, bites (then prince) Joffrey. When the prince demands justice for the stray direwolf’s actions, Arya sets Nymeria free, so she can avoid the ultimate punishment. However, the Stark code of honor sees Ned Stark, head of the family, kill another direwolf – Lady, who belonged to Sansa, in Nymeria’s place.

Nymeria bites Joffrey / HBO

A Born Leader

This is where the books come into play. There, Nymeria is a leader of a large pack of wolves. In A Clash of Kings, Arya marches north with Yoren. On their travels, they hear word of an oversized female wolf, leading a pack of other wolves in the Riverlands. When Lord Mooton of Maidenpool sets out to hunt the beast with his hunters, they are lucky to barely escape with their lives, after finding Nymeria’s lair.

A Warg Bond

Arya is on her way to Riverrun in A Storm of Swords, when she runs into a pack of wolves. Then, when she howls at the pack, the largest one returns the favor. When Arya dreams of Nymeria killing Iggo and other members of the Bloody Mummers, we realize that it is more than just a dream. The Mummers were hunting down Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie after they fled Harrenhal. However, Nymeria stopped the criminals in their tracks, before they could do any harm.


The Lady Stoneheart Connection

Nymeria also finds Catelyn Stark‘s body floating in a river and drags out the corpse. This leads to Catelyn being resurrected by Thoros of Myr. This scenario also transpires only in the books, and we have not gotten any indication on Lady Stoneheart appearing on the show yet.

Sightings of A Wolf Army

Septon Meribald, a character in A Feast For Crows reports spotting an army of wolves, in the hundreds, led by a fierce beast, supposedly Nymeria. Ser Danwell Frey, a Stark enemy, reports to Jamie Lannister that wolves have attacked a Frey baggage train.

This is where we are truly convinced that enemies of the Starks, are enemies of Nymeria.

Nymeria and her pack

Nymeria On The Show

You might be wondering why we bring Nymeria’s story to the forefront all of a sudden.

A fierce warrior, leading a pack of hundreds of wolves in the name of the Starks. Isn’t that just what Sansa, Jon and co. are missing in the upcoming Battle of The Bastards?

This is a very long shot, but if Nymeria ever returns to the show, now is as good a time as any, and boy would it be marvelous!

I sincerely hope Showrunners D&B don’t drop the Direwolf’s fascinating story, whether she returns in Season 6 or beyond. We’ve lost enough of these magnificent beasts as it is.

Do you think we will get to see Nymeria on the show any time soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Update] Read our review of Battle of The Bastards to find out what actually happened!

Written by Ethan Hall

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