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Battle of The Bastards Director Discusses Ramsay Sympathy

SPOILERS for Season 6 Episode 9, Battle of The Bastards ahead.

Ramsay Bolton finally met his end in Sunday’s episode, Battle of The Bastards. Chained to a chair, and facing his wife Sansa. His own starving hounds are unleashed upon their master.

We were all waiting for this moment, where Sansa finally gets her revenge on the psychopath Lord Bolton. However, the director of the episode, Miguel Sapochnik, considered making the scene in a way which evoked sympathy in the audience. After some consideration, Show-runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss made it clear that the scene should be devoid of any sympathy for Ramsay.

“In a way I agree, this is not a time to be morally ambiguous. Ramsay needs to die, and horribly. This is what the audience has been waiting to see. That said, there’s no need to dwell on the actual carnage. What’s left to our imagination is always way worse. The most effective moment for me was the sound of a squealing pig you hear from Ramsay in the background as Sansa walks away. Apparently it’s actually what happens when you rip someone’s wind pipe open while they’re still alive and gasping for air”.

Ramsay Death
Miguel Sapochnik on Battle of The Bastards set / HBO

Sapochnik added “The other thing I loved was the close-up shot of Sansa as she watches the dogs attack. There’s a moment where she turns to leave but then stops and leans back in, lingering a moment longer. It’s my favorite shot of my episodes this year.”

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The next episode of Game of Thrones – ‘Winds of Winter’ – airs Sunday, Jun 26 9pm ET on HBO.

What did you think about the Ramsay death scene? Any room for sympathy? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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