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Turn Your Smartphone Into Game Boy With Smart Boy

A device that turns your phone into a Game Boy is finally becoming a reality. Named Smart Boy, the initial concept was part of an April fool’s joke.

What began as an April fool’s joke over a year ago, when Hyperkin “announced” the device. Having found that there is a massive gap in the market, due to the enormously enthusiastic response to the tease, an actual Smart Boy – A device that turns ordinary smartphones into Game Boys.

The product was unveiled in this year’s E3, with both iPhones and Androids supported. By attaching traditional Game Boy cartridges, your phone is then transformed into a working Game Boy,

Find photos of the device below – Image Credit – Neowin

smart boy 01

smart boy

We expect more details to be revealed towards the December 2016 release.

What do you think of the Smart Boy? Are you in the market gap for such a device? Share in the comments.



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