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Watch: Pokemon GO is A Go! Launches With New Trailer

It’s time to grab your smartphone and get up and go! Pokemon GO has been released in the US, and you can now download your copy from Google’s Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The augmented reality based game, from Niantic Inc., encourages players to go outside and catch all the Pokemon possible, while out and about in the real world. When you launch the app and hold it in front of you, the screen reveals Pokémon from Kanto Pokédex, which in turn, you can try and catch to build your stable of Pokémon. Watch the trailer above for an idea of what it looks like in the real world.

The game has been released in Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday, with a European release for several countries soon to follow.

pokemon go
Pokemon GO Plus accessory

There is also a Pokémon GO Plus accessory. This companion device is either clipped on or strapped to the wrist and worn like a watch. Pokémon GO functions without the Pokémon GO Plus, but the device is expected to enhance enjoyment of the augmented reality game.

Considering the huge amount of users who downloaded the app so far, we should start seeing people running around with their face fixed to their screen, on their quest to catch the next Pokémon.

What about you? Planning to give Pokémon GO a try? Share in the comments.



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