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The Pokemon in Pokemon GO That Controls The White House Gym

Among the many famous real life landmarks of Pokemon GO, you can find the White House, with the White House Pokemon Gym and it’s protector.

A Pokemon Trainer, Boricua88, took control of the White House Gym yesterday, and posted photos of his newly owned Pokemon on Imgur, which found their way to Reddit in no time.

white house pokemon


The name of the new Pokemon master of the White House Gym is Merica, a powerful Pidgeot.

The remarks soon followed –

“Thanks Obama”

“That’s one gym you’d hope would be hotly contested! I know I’d be willing to sac my strongest Poke to try and hold it.”

“I guess Bird Jesus is Freedom Bird now”

“I wonder what would happen if they set it to where you could only capture legendary on the white house lawn…”

Judging by Merica’s facial expression, the next Pokemon GO trainer looks to have a real battle on their hands in trying to capture the Gym. I’m guessing whoever it is, they will need to be well prepared.

Are you planning to capture the White House Pokemon GO Gym for yourself? Did you even manage to get some playtime with all the server issues? Let us know in the comments.


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