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Pokemon GO Daily Users To Surpass Twitter Soon

The incredible meteoric rise of Pokemon GO looks to surpass Twitter in the amount of daily users on Android.

According to SimilarWeb, a service that tracks web and app traffic metrics, around three percent of Android users log in to Pokemon GO on a daily basis. The steady rise suggests that Pokemon GO should surpass Twitter, with 3.5% daily users soon.

Pokemon GO daily users

Pokemon GO has already surpassed other popular apps like Tinder. 5.8% of Android users have installed the augmented reality game by Niantic Labs. Furthermore, players are also incredibly engaged with Pokemon GO, averaging over 43 minutes in app — more than WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and facebook messenger

pokemon go daily users

What is even more amazing about all of this, is that the game hasn’t even seen a worldwide release. Currently, only Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States are territories where you can download and play. Niantic Labs are working on fixes to the numerous server issues, which have caused the delay in the release in other territories.


In addition, Pokemon GO has a great retention rate, meaning that people who downloaded the app opted to keep it on their device, rather than uninstall it.

The massive interest in the app also saw Nintendo’s stock surge way up to it’s highest point since 1983, boosting company value by over $7 billion, and stock value by over %40.


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