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How To Get And Hatch Pokemon GO Eggs

Pokemon GO eggs are divided into 3 major types. To hatch these eggs you will need to literally get up and GO! just like the tagline for the game implies.

Any non Legendary Pokemon can be hatched from these eggs. Hatching eggs not only contributes to you XP, but also hatches Pokemon with higher CP (Combat Power), which can be handy later when you need to station them at Gyms for deffence.


The three types of eggs are divided by the amount of actual distance a trainer needs to travel to hatch them. There are 2 km eggs, 5 km eggs and 10 km eggs. posted an image that compiles the different Pokemons and the eggs they hatch from – Image below

pokemon go eggs
Pokemon GO eggs and the distance needed to hatch them / Credit –

If you want to gain free eggs, your best bet would be to go from PokeStop to PokeStop, and hope that they shell out some for you along with the common PokeBalls. If money isn’t an issue, you can always purchase some eggs with your hard earned, real world cash. However, purchased eggs, aka Lucky Eggs, are different in that they don’t hatch Pokemon, instead doubling the XP gained by the player for 30 minutes.

Hatching normal eggs requires an incubator. You get one from the get go, which you can use endlessly, but with one egg at a time. If you want more Egg incubators you are going to need to either purchase them for 150 PokeCoins or gain them as rewards for leveling up. Note that these Egg Incubators break after three uses, while the original doesn’t.

pokemon go eggs
Pokemon GO Egg Incubation

If walking is too much for your legs, the best way to hatch these eggs has to be the one in the video below 🙂

For more on everything Pokémon GO check out our Pokémon GO page!

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