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Only One Pokemon With Gender In Pokemon GO

[Updated] An interesting thing happened when I booted Pokemon GO up today. It seems like the Pokemon GO gender feature, talked about as a possibility is now live, albeit, so far with one Pokemon only.

After catching a Nidoran right by my home, I noticed that there was a gender symbol to the right of the Pokemon’s name. Just like weight and size, there doesn’t seem to be any use for Pokemon GO gender type yet, but it will surely have some effect in the future.

You can view the screenshot of the (male) Nidoran below and tell us what you think –

pokemon go gender
Credit: Ethan Hall for BuzzAddictz

Note that this apparently only applies to specific Pokemon. None of the other Pokemon caught today had the gender sign.

Did any of you happen to catch any other Pokemon that sport a gender sign?

Share your findings in the comments below!


Seems I have just not been catching enough Pokemon (such a noob), as many friends have told me that Nidoran always had a gender sign in earlier games (Looks like the only Pokemon to have one in Pokemon GO so far).

What purpose does the sign serve? Male Nidoran evolve into Nidorino -> Nidoking while Female Nidoran evolve into Nidorina -> Nidoqueen.

If any sighting of another Pokemon with a gender sign is made, we’ll update accordingly!

For more on Pokemon GO check out our Pokemon GO page!

Written by Ethan Hall

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