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Hot Toys Reveals Trio of Suicide Squad Figures

Hot Toys is gearing towards the release of a trio of Suicide Squad figures, in anticipation of the films release next month.

The collectible toy company also released new photos and information on the first three characters to be transformed into collectible figures.

The Joker makes perfect sense as being in the first batch. Based on Jared Leto‘s likeness, the figure looks a lot like the actor himself. The figure will come with a custom pistol, the Joker’s cane and 8 swappable hands. An exclusive edition will also be available with the addition of a mobile phone, a razor knife and a hammer.


Second on our list is Harley Quinn, in the likeness of actress Margot Robbie. Featuring the signature laughing expression, all her tattoos are there, just like in the movie. Her accessories include the baseball bat, a Magnum, a silver clutch, four bangles, her trademark jacket, 8 swappable hands and a base with a backdrop. An exclusive edition features a hammer too.

Last but not least, there’s Deadshot, in the likeness of Deadshot actor Will Smith. The slew of weapons is also on hand with his wrist blaster, an assault rifle, a combat knife, three pistols, 7 interchangable hands, and a themed backdrop.

All three will be available for purchase online soon at HotToys and other online retailers.

Here’s a gallery of the trio of figures for your viewing pleasure –

Photos: Hot Toys

Planning to get your hands on one of these Suicide Squad figures? Share in the comments!Suicide Squad Figures

Written by James Lebeau

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