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Pokemon GO Losing Users According To Recent Data

Pokemon GO not able to catch all users.

It seems as though Pokemon GO has reached its peak, at least in the US. The data of Pokemon GO losing users comes from Survey Monkey.

The game was one of the fastest growing apps in history, but it looks like Pokemon GO losing users was just a matter of time.

Pokemon GO downloads peaked the day it was officially released. This is different than other games that were huge, like Draw Something or Candy Crush Saga, but usually saw the highest number of downloads months after release.

pokemon go losing users
Credit: SurveyMonkey

In terms of usage, July 14 is when the app peaked, at an estimated 25 million users on that day. This was exactly a week after the game made its debut.


It is no wonder then, that the peak number of Pokemon GO related searches came just a few days later, on July 16.

pokemon go losing users
Credit: SurveyMonkey

The remarkable thing about Pokemon GO is that it gained momentum almost instantly, while others took months to reach this stage. However, this also explains why both the Nintendo stock (shareholders of the Pokemon IP), and the game itself, are losing investors and users already. The myriad of issues with the game’s servers certainly didn’t help either. Add the fact that big chunks of game-play are still missing, and you can see why Niantic Labs, the games developer, have a long way to go.

How do you rate your experience with Pokemon GO so far? What is your take on Pokemon GO losing users so soon? Share in the comments!

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