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Don’t Drive And Pokemon Signs Are Actually A Thing

Cases like this one should have made it clear that driving while playing Pokemon GO is not a good idea.

But reality sees people risk themselves and other to catch the next Snorlax or Pikachu. In order to keep drivers from engaging in such nonsense, signs in Melbourne are asking drivers not to “drive and Pokemon” –

Surely, in no time these signs will start popping up across the world. Probably a good idea to ask drivers not to use their smartphones at all while driving.

Robyn Seymour, the director of Victoria’s transit authority, told 3AW why they chose to pursue this signage. “We know how popular it is and it could be very tempting…We just want to keep everyone safe on the road, so we’re asking them not to do that,” she said.

The police themselves have also spoken about the influx of Pokèmon GO-related incidents. Spokesperson Natalie Webster said, “Pokèmon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon and while the charm of a Charmander can be all consuming, it’s important to make sure that you’re remaining vigilant while playing.” She went on to warn players who were caught DUP would have some hefty consequences to face. “As well as being very distracting and unsafe, catching a Pikachu while driving could earn you a $466 fine and four demerit points.”

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