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Evee Evolution Manipulation Confirmed

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, developer of Pokemon GO, confirmed what many players already knew regarding Evee Evolution.

Speaking at SDCC, Hanke confirmed that naming Evees a certain name, directly affects the type of evolution the Pokemon goes through.

evee evolution
Non-evolved Evee / Pokemon

Evee is capable of three different ‘Eveelutions’ (that we know of). Naming Evee “Rainer” will see the creature evolve into Vaporeon (Water). Naming it “Pyro” will see Evee turn into a Flareon (Fire). Last, there is “Sparky” which sees the Pokemon become Jolteon (Electric).

Other Easter Eggs were confirmed to exist in the game, but no hint has been given to what these may be. Guess we’ll have to keep playing to find out.

Note that this trick only works once per Evee type. For example, the first Evee you name Rainer will certainly evolve into a Vaporeon, but a second Evee named Rainer might not.

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