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Pokemon GO Curveball Now With Better XP

No more bumming out about hitting an “excellent” throw with a successful Pokemon GO curveball, only getting XP for the former.

Pokemon GO got a minor overhaul yesterday, and one of the changes was that throw bonuses are now stacked, meaning there is potential for more XP with each throw.

Up until now, you could catch a pokemon with a “regular” , “nice” +25 XP, “great” +50 XP or “excellent” +100 XP throw. another type of throw was the curveball, where a player would swerve the PokeBall and try to catch the Pokemon while not throwing straight at it. A successful curveball catch was only worth 10 XP, and considering the difficulty, most player opted to just throw straight and hope for a nice\great\excellent catch.


Now that the curveball stacks with the others, it gives players greater impetus to try and utilize both, despite sacrificing a few more PokeBalls on the way.

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